Jane Christmas
And Then There Were Nuns:

Adventures in a Cloistered Life (September, 2013):

Jane Christmas takes a decidedly unconventional journey to find out whether she is, as she puts it, "nun material". This is no carefree adventure. The call toward a religious vocation has beckoned Jane since she was a teenager, and now in her fifties she decides to explore it in earnest. Meanwhile, her long-term partner Colin, previously disinterested in marriage, springs a surprise marriage proposal on her unaware of what she is about to tell him. Jane, however, decides not to allow her monastic dreams to be interrupted. She sets off on an extraordinary and intense year-plus journey that takes her to four religious communities—one in Canada and three in the UK—and in the course of her immersion provides a seldom-seen glimpse inside modern cloistered life. The book lacks none of the bursts of candor or unrestrained humor that have made her books so popular and relatable (this one is sure to ruffle a few starched clerical collars), but And Then There Were Nuns comes with a darker side as the author comes to terms with a traumatic event from her past.

And Then There Were Nuns is also available unabridged as an audio book and download, narrated by Elizabeth Wiley. It can be ordered from Post Hypnotic Press. Please click here and you will be taken to their website.

Jane Christmas
Incontinent on the Continent:

My Mother, her Walker and our Grand Tour of Italy (2009):

Jane undertakes the ultimate daughterly duty of taking her mother (who suffers a wide range of age-related disorders and disabilities) on a six-week road trip through Italy. She is convinced that the trip will be just the tonic to smooth the rough edges of a fractious mother-daughter relationship that has spanned decades. But before the duo even sets foot in Italy, Jane begins to question the wisdom of her plan. Funny and heartbreaking, Incontinent on the Continent will resonate with those trying to come to terms with their ageing parents.

Incontinent on the Continent is also available unabridged as an audio book by Post Hypnotic Press, and narrated by actor Eileen Barrett. Click here to order.

Jane Christmas
What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim:
A Mid-Life Misadventure on Spain's Camino de Santiago de Compostela (2007):

Dismissing the advice of a psychic who has warned her of catfights, a more-rustic-than-usual experience, and an enigmatic fair-haired man, Jane sets off with 14 squabbling fiftysomething women on an 800-kilometre trek across Spain. It quickly turns out to be more Lord of the Flies on estrogen than a walk inspired by faith. Within a week she has lost her group, and suddenly finds herself alone, frightened, and mightily pissed off. So begins an acerbically funny adventure that is part chick politics, part meditation on motherhood and religion, and part history lesson. It is definitely not your typical spiritual pilgrimage.

What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim is also available unabridged as an audio book and download, narrated by the author. Please click here to be taken to the Post Hypnotic Press website.

Jane Christmas
The Pelee Project:

One Woman's Escape from Urban Madness (2002):

In the summer of 2000, Jane falls hopelessly in love with an island she never knew existed, even though it is a mere three hours from her home. She imagines a life there, far from mounting bills, to-do lists, domestic strife, needy friends and family, and a long-distance commute to her stressful job. Pelee Island haunts her dreams, and before the year is out she has put her home up for sale, and moved there with her young daughter. But under a thick blanket of snow, Canada's most southerly inhabited point looks different and behaves differently than it does during the height of summer. Amusing faux pas and anecdotes pepper this sweet memoir about living among a wary, blunt community of islanders who were hibernating contentedly until Jane arrived.
    In October, 2010, CBC Radio's The Next Chapter called The Pelee Project "the Canadian alternative to Eat, Pray, Love."

The Pelee Project is available again in a new print edition as well as an unabridged audio book and download, narrated by Elizabeth Wiley. To order, please click here and you will be taken to the Post Hypnotic Press website.

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